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Welcome to the Atelier Neutre, the creation of a hybrid wardrobe for the contemporary man, at once complemented by urban culture and classic design.
The ethos behind the brand, at its core, is to provide a luxury product with a broad accessibilty, both financially and stylistically.

This particular collection has been the most complex to date for Neutre, as there was a constant struggle to channel the creativity of expression so integral to our brand, into a simple and permanent collection that speaks to a wider audience than perhaps some of our past collections.

With ‘timeless’ we wanted to establish Neutre as more than just a brand; as a lifestyle. Where previously we have allowed our stylistic instincts to take over, we have learned to hone in on the creation of a product that has a heightened wearability, without losing our artistic subtleties.

The quality of the materials that we use and our production process has allowed us to simplify our designs, streamline our creations and let the fabrics speak for themselves. All of our production is done in Paris at our own atelier, using the highest quality materials from Italian and Japanese wool and Egyptian cotton, to leather made in France. This dedication to quality French craftsmanship and our designer's background working at Saint Laurent in fabric development is what has given us the luxury to pare back our look without sacrificing the Neutre aesthetic.

From bomber jackets in burgundy and charcoal wool tracksuit pants to collarless shirts and blazers in stiff cotton twill – the ‘timeless’ aesthetic is all about the synthesis between sportswear and suiting, allowing the wearer to choose the level to which they merge the two.